Photo-A-Day: Comfort

Well, today was a tough day for Penny. Early this morning, my sister took her down to the vet to get her teeth cleaned. Penny has had lots of issues over the years so her disdain for the vet has had time to build. We think a combination of the meds and Penny’s over dramatic personality, led to her coming home today and whimpering half the time she’s awake. It’s not due to pain because she’s doped up but it’s just the way she copes when she’s upset or scared.

So, one of the few things that is calming her down is me holding her. This almost never happens because she usually doesn’t tolerate being in my lap for very long. But tonight, she slept in my arms for nearly an hour. I actually fell asleep too for awhile.

My awesome sister snapped the button for me tonight so we could capture this moment:


And yes, she’s actually sleeping here while I rub her chest. :0) So now we just need to make it through the night and hope we can all get some good rest.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


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