Photo-A-Day: Glimmer

I can’t say enough about how wonderful it always is to have my sister come visit for the weekend! It’s never long enough and I never want her to leave but I am always thankful for what time we do get to spend together!

Since I was horrible about documenting much this weekend (due to fatigue and wanting to focus my energy on spending time with Jes), I’ll at least share a little bit about what we did. On Friday, she gave Tabitha a much deserved week off and picked up our groceries for us. She also helped by dropping Penny off and picking Penny up from the vet as Penny had to have her teeth cleaned.

On Saturday, Penny and Sadie woke me up early, at 4:00am! It was a bit of a rough morning for Penny, too, being sore and tired from having her teeth worked on. Jes was a HUGE help on Saturday because we had planned to have Andy’s parents over for dinner that evening. She helped me out so much by doing most of the work for the turkey dinner so I could rest and be able to enjoy time visiting, etc once they were here.

We had a great meal of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower (for Jes and I), roasted green beans, and a low-carb cheese cake for dessert. We had a good evening visiting and spending time together!

Sunday, Jes had to leave that morning as I was laying down for my nap. We always seem to have a good visit the morning before she leaves and this weekend was no exception. We did get to have some quality FaceTime with some of our other family members while she was here, too. Our little sister, Jodi, is expecting and due May 1st so we’re excited and can’t wait for our first niece to arrive!

Before I move on to my photo for Saturday, I have to at least say this: God always seems to know just when I’m going to need Jes the most. I had wanted to have that turkey dinner with Andy’s parents this specific weekend for various reasons and after not sleeping much due to the dogs on Friday night, I would have had to cancel if Jes hadn’t been here. As it was, she saved the day and we got to have a nice family meal together and I thank God for those special times when we can all be together thanking Him for His protection and blessings.

Ok, so, for Saturday’s photo, the subject was glimmer. These rocks seemed to perfectly capture what I was wanting to express – that a glimmer, while being small or not “in-your-face”, is still beautiful because it’s there and it still shines in the midst of rough, dark, times.


If you look closely, you can see how the sunlight that reflects off of the rocks, just sparkles enough to cause a glimmer of light. I think life can sometimes feel like we’re in a pile of rocks with no sandy beaches or lush, green grass in sight. But there’s always hope, even if it’s just a glimmer and for me, my source of hope is centered around my faith in Jesus. He’s what gets me through when nothing else seems to help and I’d be lost without His love and grace!


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