Photo-A-Day: Fiction

Ok, so here’s the truth. I forgot to do yesterday’s picture. And, here’s the reason why…

…as you may remember from past posts, one of the things my hubby and I do is read books together. I read the books out loud and he listens and we find it a great way to pass the time. Right now, we are going through the Harry Potter books (as he had never read them) and we are in the thick of things in book five. I got so focused on reading this yesterday, that I totally forgot to stop and take pictures for yesterday’s topic. So I decided I would bump up the topic of fiction (for later on this month) and take photos of the book that’s got me so distracted:


We are getting closer to the end of this book and here’s a picture of where I finally stopped reading last night:


If you like good stories, the Harry Potter books are just that! If you’ve only seen the movies, you are missing out!! The books are so much better and the movies do not do them justice.

Anyway, here’s hoping I don’t get too distracted today and remember to do my photo for today on time! Thanks for looking and have a great weekend.


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