Photo-A-Day: Work

Today was a beautiful day! After doing some vacuuming, (a chore that I’ve been unable to do in the past because of the energy it requires,) Andy took me and the dogs for a drive. We took a tour of some of the wheat fields to see how the crop is doing and it was a very nice day for a Sunday drive.

We took a quick stop to check a couple of fields. These fields are in the midst of numerous wind turbines and it was the dogs first time ever seeing one of Andy’s wheat fields. I have too many favorites from today so here’s a collage of all of them:

So, today, we got to take a quick look at some of my husband’s work. It was encouraging to see many fields doing well and little hard to see some of the fields suffering due to wire worms. But, thanks to the rain we got this last week, things were looking decent and we thank God for that!

Thanks for looking and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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