Photo-A-Day: A Stranger

Well, I wasn’t sure what in the world I was going to do for today’s post but then this happened – I had just gotten up from my nap and was letting the dogs outside to take care of business when I saw this little guy:


He was right in-between my back patio and my outdoor chair and I snapped a picture quickly incase he ran off before I could better frame him. Sadie almost ran it off but thankfully, she listened when I said “stay” this time. Anyway, here’s a couple more shots I got of it before he/she took off:



He wasn’t very big, maybe 5 or so inches. I have no idea what it’s called but we do have a few of them around here when the weather is nice.  So, today, this guy was the unexpected stranger and shortly after I shot these pictures, it took off and haven’t seen it since.

Anyway, thanks for looking and I wish you all a great rest of the day!


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