Photo-A-Day: Silly

So, I have to brag a little bit here. My husband is one of the hardest working people I know. Being a farmer means you have long hours (like 12+ hour days, 6 days a week, for months on end) and then he comes home and has to do stuff here. For instance, last night he had to mow the grass after a long day’s work. I did reward him, though, with awesome (almost paleo) chocolate chip cookie bars for dessert.

But, while he was mowing, he found a feather and what do you do with a feather? Put it in your cap…


Haha! I love my husband. He is so funny and he likes to be the one doing weird things to throw people off. For instance, he has an obsession with sticking things to his forehead. Whether it be a quarter, a sticker, or something else, he likes to be the goofy one and I’m more than ok with that!

Well, thanks for looking and I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


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