Photo-A-Day: A Hobby

Oh man – today’s topic mixes both of my favorite hobbies – digital scrapbooking and photography! These two hobbies have been a HUGE artistic outlet for me since becoming ill. It’s much of the reason I’m doing this Photo-A-Day project and blogging about it – I’m forcing myself to see the beauty in the everyday things around me – even when I’m tired, hurt, or don’t want to see it.

One of the things I’ve longed for since starting digital scrapbooking, is an easy way to print my pages. You see, in scrapbooking there are LOADS of options for this but many are expensive and time consuming because you have to upload each page you make and then there’s the printing options – gazillions. Do you want lay flat pages (yes please – oh wait that’s bazillion $$$ more) or do you want matte, glossy, semi-gloss, or luster (what is that even)? Don’t forget the countless options of binding, covers, and everything in-between. If you can customize it, I want it and that costs buck-o bucks! There’s also the size issue. Traditional scrapbook pages are 12 inches by 12 inches OR 8 inches by 8 inches. My desired size would be 10×10 as I think the 12×12 is a bit big but the 8×8 is way too small for my tastes. Some places are starting to offer 10×10 albums but again, not cheap.

So, I finally decided I’d look into a printer that can print 12×12 and I found this baby, a Canon Pixma iP8720:


I have had an all-in-one printer from Canon for a few years now and I have been super happy with it so I decided to the give the Canon Large Format Printer a try. So far, I’m very pleased! It prints high quality images and isn’t slow at it either. It’s not super quiet but I’ve heard printers much louder than this, as well. I hope this printer will last as long as my other one has and I’m so glad I can finally start printing all of the digital creations I make!

To that end, I’ve started an album specifically for all of my weekly review pages I make for my Photo-A-Day project:

Here’s a few of the pages I’ve printed already:

So, this album is the combination of my two favorite hobbies and I’m hoping to print many more pages in the future, all thanks to this:


Anyway, thanks for looking and I hope you all have had an awesome day today!


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