Photo-A-Day: Entertainment

One of the our forms of entertainment around here is all of the wildlife. We have a ton of different kinds of birds all over the place and one of my favorites to watch are these guys:


If they aren’t Chuckers then they are most likely Hungarian Partridges (from what I’m told). These guys are FUNNY! They waddle around in packs (usually) and when frightened, they scatter to the four winds in a kind of panic you can only laugh at. Another thing they do is pack themselves into one of our bushes like it’s a hotel and they congregate in there for awhile each day. I like to pretend they are holding secret meetings or something silly like that. They also like to perch themselves on top of our fence posts (as you can see) and call to other birds. Here’s a shot I captured of this guy singing his heart out this morning:


To be fair, I don’t really know if it’s a he or a she but I do know that they are funny and interesting to watch and I’m glad to have them around our place.

Thanks for looking and I hope you have an awesome Friday!


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