Photo-A-Day: Centered

Today was a little warm and tomorrow and Monday are only going to be even warmer. We spent most of the day in the house staying cool by the a/c and that always leaves the dogs feeling antsy by the time evening rolls around. After 8:00pm, the temperatures are perfect for sitting outside and watching the sun go down, which is what we did tonight.

Here’s a few pictures I took with the idea of centered in mind.

In each case, my focal point (Penny’s eyes or the middle of the sunset) were in the center of the image. As you can see, Penny is not quite as enthused to be outside. Don’t get me wrong, she likes it, but nothing like Sadie does. This is why I have pictures of Penny and not of Sadie. Sadie was too busy walking around investigating all the sniffs there were to sniff! Penny likes to sit with me when we are out there and I’m totally ok with that.

Well, good night and thanks for looking!


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