Photo-A-Day: In My Home

In my home, we miss each other when someone is gone. Life is always better when we’re all together but work, life, and other things can sometimes keep us from always being able to be together as a family. Our dogs have gotten to know our life patterns. They know that Andy will always leave in the morning for work and that he’s usually home between 7 and 9pm at night. They also know that Sunday’s are different from the rest of the week. So, when Andy is gone extra late as he was this last week trying to get hay bailed, Sadie can often be found doing this:


She will sit and watch out the window just waiting, hoping for Andy to pull in the driveway! She sat there looking for two hours that night. I did manage to coax her off the couch long enough to eat her food but that was it. Otherwise, she was going to sit there and wait and that’s just where she wanted to be.

Well, thanks for stopping by. This is my post for yesterday so I’ll be posting today’s picture later on. Have a great first day of the week!


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