Photo-A-Day: Under

These photos have a story. I wish I knew when the story began. I just know that this table has been passed down from generation to generation in my Mother-in-Law’s family. When we moved to our home here in Bickleton, we needed a dining room table so Mom pulled this out of storage and said we could use it. When we were putting it into the house, I fell in love with it. This table has history. It was probably made in the early 1900’s and looks as though it’s gone from Wisconsin to California to who knows where in between and then to Washington.

So here are the photos of under our table:

Since it might be hard to make out, here is what the writing in the first photo says:

The Water Town Slide

Patented June 13, 1899 – October 1, 1912

Made Expressly For

The Kiel Furn. Co.

Kiel and Milwaukee, Wis.

The second photo’s tag says the following:


The Kiel Furniture Co.

Milwaukee, Wis.


Geo F Hufschmidt Co.

San Francisco, Cal

The handle for the table (to open the middle for a leaf) says the following:

Perfection Table Lock

Pat. Nov. 1. 04.

Which implies 1904! This table has had a long life and I hope it plans to lasts for a lot longer. This table only has one or two minor stains on the top and I love the color of the stain and all the beautiful grain.

Well, thanks for looking and I hope you all are having a wonderful day!


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