Photo-A-Day: I Enjoy

There are so many things I could have taken pictures of today that would fit this category of ‘I enjoy’. Whether it was of having lunch with Andy and the crew here at the house or having bible study with Tabitha and Daphne this evening here at home or various other things like digital scrapbooking, photo editing, food, etc, there are many things I do enjoy.

But one of my favorites, has and always will be, staring at the sky. Whether it’s stormy weather or sunshine with white puffy clouds, or cold skies with sun dogs or star gazing into the night, I love sitting outside and watching what God paints in the sky for me each day. Tonight was no exception:


The clouds were breathtaking! Thin, wispy, upper-level clouds were in contrast to the small and tiny, spaced out, lower-level clouds. The lower-level clouds almost looked like they had been strained through a wire mesh strainer. And the BEST part about sky watching is sharing it with someone. Tonight, (as it most often is) that someone was my honey and we had a good talk, while watching a good sunset, and that was a great end to a rather nice day.

Here’s a panorama I stitched together in Lightroom of the same sky:


Thanks for looking and I wish you all a great night!


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