Photo-A-Day: The Things We Do For Love Part 2

As promised – I am going to repeat this topic of “The Things We Do For Love”. I hope to do an installment about once a month so for this month, I chose to share something I do for Andy. In many ways, doing chores around the house is a given. Andy and I each have our expected chores that each ones does and we like it that way. One of the things I am glad Andy does NOT do is our laundry! The few times he has tried he has ruined or shrunk things and so it will forever be my job and I’m ok with that.

But, in a marriage, it’s easy to think well, that’s her job or that’s his job and sometimes, it’s not that simple. When I was at my peak of being very ill, it was very hard for me to shower, let alone stand to wash dishes or cook food. Laundry was one of the few chores I could still handle doing because I could the bulk of the work while sitting down. So, in some ways, I still think of the laundry chore as one of the few things I can do to be a blessing to my husband. It’s one of the few things he didn’t have to take over for awhile and I love to help any way that I can as he still has to carry a lot of responsibility since I really don’t have the energy for any yard stuff yet.

Thankfully, doing laundry is now a fairly easy task for me. Today I washed sheets for both bedrooms and still had a big load of Andy’s work clothes to finish folding. While I’m great at getting things clean, I’m not always so great at folding them and putting them away. So, today, I made a special point of getting his clothes folded (only 2 days after I washed them instead of the usual week), and now he’ll be able to put them away in his closet (most of them go on the top shelf I can’t reach).

So, while, it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, it’s still something I do and I do it because I love him and because I want him to not wear stinky clothes! ;o)


As I’m typing this, my husband just informed me that here is a huge dog poop mess in my closet on the floor. Cleaning up dog poop is another thing you can add to the list of the things we do for love. This job usually falls to me because my husband is a bit of a germiphobe. I could share a picture of this but I’m guessing it’s not something anyone wants to see! haha So, here I go – off to steam clean the carpet. Wish me luck!

Thanks for looking and I hope you have had a wonderful day!


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