Photo-A-Day: Make A Wish

I love how sunlight, when at the right angle, can make things look magical or all a-glow. I snapped this picture this morning and it fits perfectly with yesterday’s category of Make A Wish:


These extra-big, dandelion-looking weeds are all over the place at the moment. And right now, everyone’s wish here in Bickleton is for there to be a Christmas (in June) miracle this weekend. You see, the heat is supposed to turn ON this weekend. Potential for triple digit weather here at 3000+ feet in elevation. This will potentially fry our crops and after last year’s drought, it could mean the end for many farmers as the banks won’t want to carry any of us for another year. So, if you are the praying kind, we’d love if you joined us in praying for our farm and our crops to somehow survive this.

Thanks for looking!


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