Photo-A-Day: Dusk

You guys, it is H-double-O-double-T hot today!! Our house was 89˚ inside (except for the living room which has a portable A/C unit running in it). It was nearly 100˚ today and at 3000+ feet in elevation, that’s crazy! We are still worried for our crops and just won’t know much until we harvest so we are praying for a miracle, still!

On that note, dusk happens to be my favorite time of day right now! Once the sun goes down, we can open up all the windows and try to get some fresh air moving through the house. The problem is, the air is dead calm outside and no breeze = no air movement through the house. So, (except for our living room), the house feels warmer right now than it does outside. It’s got us considering an outdoor bed. Well, ok, maybe not but it’s not the worst idea I’ve ever had.

So, back to dusk. Tonight, it was especially pretty!


I love all the pinks and blues and yellows here as the combination of the colors really shows off how dusk can be the prettiest time of day. Here’s another panorama facing south, southeast:


If only that was bringing us a big thunderstorm full of cool air and rain but there’s a 99% chance it’s not. Anyway, thanks for looking and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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