Photo-A-Day: Celebrate Part 2

I’m continuing yesterday’s topic into today because today we kept the party for Andy’s birthday going with the kids young adults that work on the farm and are also good friends! It’s hard to not reference them as the kids because when they first started working here, they were kids, all of them!!

Anyway, we had a great time this evening. I made Andy his favorite sloppy joes (my Grannie’s recipe – I’m telling you, there really is no other sloppy joe worth eating once you’ve had these), and for dessert, the rest of the ice cream cake from last night. With the heat, making anything more elaborate was not an option but it worked out because Andy really, really likes these and he doesn’t get to eat them very often now because I can’t (too much sugar).

We also had a great time playing cards and visiting and once they left, we spent about 45 minutes outside in our chairs, just in silence, enjoying the ever cooler breeze until I actually felt a bit chilly. (I’m a light weight and get cold or hot easily.)

Here’s a handful of some pictures from the fun tonight! I hope you enjoy them and thanks for looking!!


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