Photo-A-Day: Out Of The Box

So, I took today’s topic a bit literally.

I recently ordered a new hamper for my hubby as his hamper for his work clothes is about to fall apart. I know, how exciting! (insert sarcasm) The hamper I ordered is actually a repeat. I ordered this exact hamper a few years ago for our “nice” clothes and it works like a charm. It’s held up, rolls easily (on carpet even) and so it was worth getting another one.

Here’s just a small number of pictures I took today of the process of putting this new hamper together. I know, it’s pretty lame/boring stuff but it’s still hotter than snot outside and this was all I could manage to get done today. In the end, it is all put together, in one piece, with no extra pieces and I did it all by myself so there’s that. So here’s the literal box I tackled today:


Here are the contents of said box now that it’s been emptied:


A couple of the process:

And the finished product:


If you’re interested in a good, sturdy hamper, you can grab it here.

Anyway, thanks for looking and allowing me to share one of my more dull moments. I hope y’all are having a wonderful day today!


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