Photo-A-Day: Cold

Well, this past week has been crazy in all respects.

On Tuesday evening, I was sure my camera was broken. I researched shutter failure, what it looked like, etc, and everything pointed to that. On Wednesday, I spent the day researching a new camera and Wed evening, I ordered one.

Friday, the camera got here and I opened it up and started playing with all of the new features. I was excited! Then I put the flash on it and went to take a picture and Oh No!, my picture was over half black again!! At this point, I almost vomited because it was in that moment that I realized I had probably ordered a camera I didn’t need.

I use a speed light sometimes, and I had been using it on my old camera when it broke. You see, normally the flash will tell me when the batteries are getting low. There’s an indicator. Also, the flash will take forever to recharge, etc. I’m telling you, my flash gave me no such indication. It was behaving (and firing) as if it was fully charged. I still don’t understand how the flash being low on battery could produce images that were only half there (I could understand less bright but half black, no!) and so now I have this new camera that I’ve already opened and used. I really love it – the upgrades are wonderful – but I wasn’t planning on spending that kind of money right now. So, I’m praying I’ll be able to sell my 1.5 year old camera to someone who could use it.

In all fairness, I did actually turn the flash off and try taking pictures with my old camera to double check that night, and it was so dark in the room, that it still appeared to be broken. If only I had turned the ISO way up, I would have known. I learned a hard lesson and I feel pretty darn stupid for all of this and how it happened. I’m just glad my husband is forgiving and understanding and loves me no matter what.

Anyway, moving on…

Tuesday’s topic was cold and so I had planned to take a picture of our new portable A/C unit because it’s pretty darn awesome!


This thing is crazy powerful! When it was 95+, it was still keeping the living room nice and comfortable which our other unit just couldn’t do when it was that warm. Thankfully, the other unit works perfectly in our bedroom so now I can sleep in my own bed when it’s hot out!

Well, thanks for stopping by and I apologize in advance for the extra posts over the next few days as I try to catch up!


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