Photo-A-Day: Family

Ok, so I am behind. Again. But I have good reasons. Mainly, I’ve been busy taking photos and making memories. Summer is almost over and one of our three extra house guests is leaving tomorrow so we’ve been busy trying to make sure we have as much fun as we can before she leaves. It also happens to be her senior year so on Monday, she let me play photographer and take some LOTS of photos of her. But before I post those (I’m still only about a third of the way through editing them), this last weekend we got to celebrate both Des’ 18th Birthday and having family in town.

Andy’s sister, Lacie, and her husband, Mark, were in town this last weekend so we decided to make time to take some family photos. It was challenging as we had only a tripod and mid day sun to contend with. It was also smoky and a bit breezy but of the three days they were here, Sunday was the best day. Here is my favorite photo from that shoot:


Well, thanks for looking and for being patient with me while I play catch up on my blog posts, once again. Have a great Thursday!


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