Photo-A-Day: Presents


In some ways, this post could be titled Surprise Part 2 but I kept it the way it was because not all of Des’ presents were a surprise.

For Example:


This bedding set Des picked out with me online. I told her we were going to buy it, all she had to do was find one she liked that was on the super sale Wayfair was having at the time. This was the one she chose and so she knew that was a present she would be opening at the party.

The rest, however, were a surprise to her:

Tabitha and Daphne got Des some awesome hair products, Starbucks drinks, and Target gift cards. Mom and Dad got Des a new Bible. They (Mom and Dad), Mirella, and Andy and I all pitched in and got Des a Chrome Book:

As you can tell, we really surprised her with that one. Her tears had most of us ladies tearing up, too! It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with Des and celebrate her 18th birthday with her. She’s been a part of our lives since she was in Jr. High and we can’t imagine life without her funny and wonderful self!

Well, thanks for looking and I hope you all had a great day today!


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