Photo-A-Day: Water


One of the things we have living in the country is the luxury of our own well. We haven’t had any real rain since sometime in May and so watering our yard has become a multiple times a day chore. But not all of our yard has access to the sprinklers so our poor bushes have started to show signs of stress. So,this past week, I started a morning routine of watering the bushes and during that time, the dogs have a great time exploring the front yard. I’ve come to enjoy the peace and quiet that time of day. The birds are always out and they are singing, playing, and having a grand time. So, while the timer for the sprinklers is running, I am out moving a hose from bush to tree to bush in order to give them a drink to help them through this dry, dry time.


This morning, after we finished our time outside, Sadie had done a full investigation of the front yard and she had the evidence in her fur to prove it:


Leaves, branches, and various other yard debris was found in her furry feet. They are in major need of a haircut so that will probably be something I have to do early next week.

Well, thanks for looking and I hope you have had a wonderful day today.


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