Photo-A-Day: Vehicles


This has been a great weekend for me! My sister, Jes, is here and we’ve been busy. While Friday was a fairly calm day, Saturday was full. Right after lunch, Andy and Jes took me up town to Bickleton for the town’s annual car show. I’m pictured above next to my near perfect dream car – a teal Bel Air. It was a ’54. And teal. and it’s my favorite. I’ve always wanted one. Maybe someday.

It was a nice day. Not too cold and not too hot. There was a good turnout again this year and we met some nice people, too. Andy’s Uncle Doug always enters one of his cars in the show and it was great seeing him in his element:


Also, Jes found her dream car. And the couple who owned it couldn’t have been more nice! They let her sit inside it so I could take her picture in it:


There were so many cool cars there, it was great getting to see each vehicle with their own unique restoration.

In an ideal world, I would have loved to stage each car, without all of the people, buildings, etc so I could showcase each vehicle individually. But, car shows don’t allow for that and you just have to enjoy the stroll down memory lane and the nice people you meet along the way.

Thanks for looking and I hope you all have had a great weekend!


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