Photo-A-Day: A Sport


Can you see them? There are at least five or six pictured here. Well, yesterday morning, I let Sadie and Penny out just after waking up and Sadie noticed them immediately. She started to woof slightly and I got her to calm down so I could go grab my camera.

Penny, meanwhile, is oblivious. Each morning, all she cares about is peeing as fast as she can so she can run straight back inside to get her morning treat (greenies dental chew). Of course, as I’m about to start snapping pictures, Penny finally notices the deer and starts barking her brains out.


See how they are starting to turn away from me? Ugh.


Yep, there they go. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m glad my dogs bark when they notice something isn’t normal. That’s what they are born with – instinct. But it’s always a race to get the camera before they notice and sometimes I feel like it’s our own new sport that we play whenever I want to photograph an animal outside. Who’s going to win? The dogs or the owner and her best nature shot yet? Tune in next time to see if I can outrun their observation skills or if they will once again, win.

Thanks for looking!


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