Photo-A-Day: Delicate


Today, when I was walking to capture photos of the Bachelor Buttons, I came across this unexpected treasure. It’s another wild flower/bush that I found along the road. This little flower is so tiny. I’d say it was no bigger than my pinkie nail and I have smallish hands. Think the size of a round pencil eraser give or take. I love the delicate little buds of purple that pop off of the dull brown background. Little touches of beauty like this are so special and I thank God for them.

On a funny note, normally, in the afternoon, I walk my dogs on their leashes so they can get out for a bit. But, since today I wanted to take my camera, I wasn’t going to bother with the leashes and try to snap pictures at the same time. I tried that, once. Never again. haha

Anyway, our two dogs are polar opposite in many ways. Sadie loves to get out and run and play and go on adventures. Penny likes to sleep and lounge and eat and stay at home:


So, yes, that’s Penny in the circle. She came with us as far as the yard went but after that, she stopped. She’s a tad lazy so without the leash making her walk with us, she’d rather just sit and watch us walk. Sadie did great without the leash. She listened to all my commands and stayed close to me the whole time which made me very happy!

Well, I’m finally caught up (again). Thanks for looking and I hope you’re all having an awesome day.


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