Today’s Photo: Winter Is Here!

It’s been a good week and I’ll tell you why:

#1 – Last Thursday evening, my family came to stay through Monday morning. We had a great time together and I finally got to meet my niece in person. I took a TON of pictures (almost all of just her) and I will share a few of the best ones on a later day.

#2 – Yesterday, we woke up to WINTER:

It snowed most of the day but it was right at 33-34Ėš so some of it melted as it came down.

Today, the sun is out and it’s a sparkling winter wonderland outside:

The dogs were very unsure about the snow today because overnight, it froze (after being a very wet snow) and so the top of the snow was slick and crunchy. It took Penny forever to walk back to the house from the front yard because she was so careful with every step she took. It was hard not to laugh at her taking her tiny steps.

So, we are still praising God for the much needed moisture! We hope it’s a very snowy and white winter as the ground really needs every drop.

Thanks for looking and I hope you are having an awesome Friday!


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