Today’s Photos: Christmas Break

Things here have been super busy. We’ve had Des staying with us since early last week and Tabitha joined in on the fun and stayed with us for four days, too! On top of that, we had a small Christmas Party for the kids who worked on the farm this summer and I’ve been working hard on the computer from home.


We’ve also had gobs of winter weather. This will definitely be a white Christmas! I took a few photos yesterday morning while it was temporarily nice and today it’s already much worse with snow and drifting snow, so much so that Andy couldn’t get to the driveway of our house with his pickup.

We’ve done some Christmas crafting and Christmas movie watching and lots of visiting and catching up.

Tabitha brought pie for dessert for the mini Christmas party we had. Needless to say, Jesus was pretty excited about that and Andy was pretty pumped about the gifts he received from the kids:

It’s been a fun few days and it’s going so fast. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and my sister Jes should be coming down (weather permitting)! I just want to wish you all an awesome Christmas filled with love and joy and surrounded by the people you love and cherish. We are so thankful for the love of God and Him sending His Son – Jesus Christ – to come and save us from our sins. He’s the reason for everything and we are so thankful to Him for His love and grace because without his forgiveness, we’d be hopeless causes.

Thanks for stopping by and again, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


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