Still Life: Fresh Flowers

On Sunday, my honey brought home some fresh flowers for me to photograph but I wasn’t able to even think about it until this afternoon. Yesterday was a chore day that consisted mostly of cutting our two dogs’ hair. It takes my whole afternoon and then the rest of the day, I’m spent. But it was so worth it because they look so cute again!

Today was such a fun day. I spent some quality time in my new studio just playing with different angles, props, backdrops, etc and having fun with these gorgeous flowers. I especially enjoyed the editing process. There are always so many possibilities when editing photos that I find the entire journey from start to end an adventure!


Here’s a few more staged with this sweet old toolbox:


One last one with a matte and dreamy edit:



So many possibilities. Anyway, it was fun to play with color today. It sure made me think about spring. But, it will be here soon enough.

Thanks for looking and I hope you all are having a wonderful week!



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