Still Life: More Fresh Flowers

I’m a few days late in posting this but last week, I did a second session with the same fresh flowers and it was an experience!

First, I really do struggle when I’m in the studio. Does this look ok? Did I frame this correctly? Did I use the right perspective? In the studio, I am full of self-doubt and frustration. I know much of that is because I’m so new to Still Life and I have so much to learn. In the studio for this second session, I really did think I had ZERO good photos. So much so, that I almost deleted them all before editing.

But, thankfully I didn’t!

Once I started editing, I felt comfortable again. This is something I can do, something I feel good at! And boy, once I edited these photos, they had a totally different feel to them and I really like how they turned out:


I was working on top-down photos and it is much harder than it looks! I’m taking two classes right now by Kim Klassen in an effort to jump start my learning for still life photography. Here are a few more of the top-down variety:

Another assignment was to take some still life photos but allow the subject room to breathe or essentially, have a lot of white space:

Again, once I started editing these photos, I was MUCH happier with them. Using Kim Klassen’s LR presets makes it so much fun and I have come to enjoy the editing process over the last year.

Thanks for looking and I hope you all have a great week!



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