Today’s Photo: Sunrise & Spring

Hi Everyone!

This last week spring really is starting to show up here in Bickleton, WA. The first flowers to show up are always the yellow bells so I captured a few photos today:

They are popping up everywhere and just in time for Easter weekend! I also captured a gorgeous sunrise this morning. Being a farmer’s wife has many perks and one of them is almost always getting to see the sunrise:


In other news, I was feeling well enough to attend our church’s Good Friday service last night! I am so glad I was able to go – it’s been so long since I’ve been in church (due to my illness) it was such a blessing to see so many friends and get so many hugs and sing praises to God with my church family.

So, on this Easter weekend, I’m especially thankful for Jesus and how He died for my sins. I can have hope in the midst of illness, trials, life, etc all because of Him. Praying you have a blessed weekend!

Thanks for stopping by.



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