Still Life: Sincerity No. 2 & 3

I took a few photos of these delicate daisies with this bottle. Here are two shots I took that I converted to black and white and just love how they turned out:

Sincerity No. 2

Sincerity No. 2

I used the Pretty Presets Black and White Advanced Workflow to create these images. It makes black and white so easy!

Sincerity No. 3

Sincerity No. 3

Sincerity of heart is something I’m trying hard to focus on. It’s something that the bible makes clear God longs to have from us. When our actions are an outflow of our hearts, we can have peace because we aren’t warring within ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, obedience when it doesn’t “feel” good is so important. But, obedience out of true sincerity – because we want/know/feel it’s right, is peace. Now, to get to a place in life where that is my normal, well, it’s a long term goal.

Thanks for looking!! Have a great day!



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