Still Life: Pink Carnations No. 2


Lightroom Preset – KK Breeze

I love how this photo captures the idea of light and airy. It helps me try to focus on the good things even when I’m having a bad today like today.

Having a chronic illness means you live with it every single day.

Sundays were always my most favorite days. I love going to church and it was always a fun family day after. Now, Sundays seem to be my loneliest and I struggle so hard not to be mad at everyone because they have commitments to keep and errands that must be run on the one day that should be family day. It’s no one’s fault. It’s just life for right now. I’m doing my best to take it God and leave it with Him but today I’m just struggling to do that. I don’t feel like doing the right thing and keeping a good attitude. I don’t feel like accepting the way things are for right now. I’m so tired of missing out on everything and I just don’t always know how to handle all the ugly feelings that creates.

So, if you pray, I am asking for prayers for this today. I know that God’s word says He will make all things new and He is still working in me today. Pray I can learn to be pleased with leaving my feelings with Him. To trust Him to work on me and in side and also to continue to heal me so that I can do more things in the future and have less occasions to feel so upset.

Thanks so much and I hope you all are having a great Sunday!




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